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Vehicle Recovery

What is a vehicle recovery service?

A vehicle recovery service is the towing or carrying, on any road, of a motor vehicle irrespective of the size or design of the towing or carrying vehicle and whether or not the towing or carrying of the vehicle is carried out by a person intending to repair the vehicle.

It does not include the following activities:

  • towing or carrying a motorcycle or moped.
  • towing or carrying your own vehicle.
  • towing or carrying of one motor vehicle by another when not directly or indirectly for reward and when the towing or carrying vehicle is not designed or adapted for towing or carrying motor vehicles.
  • towing of disabled vehicles using a rope or flat tow by:
    • a person employed or contracted by a motoring association or an insurance company where the towing or carrying is limited to the removal of a vehicle to a place of safety, or
    • the owner or employee of a garage or workshop who intends to repair the vehicle.
  • any service where the NZ Transport Agency has notified the operator that the nature of the service is such that the carriage of vehicles should be treated as the carriage of goods.
  • the removal of vehicles by the NZ Defence Force tow trucks at the request of an enforcement officer.
  • routine towing services operated by the NZ Defence Force personnel in areas where there is no suitable and available commercial towing service nearby.
  • any service specified as an exempt vehicle recovery service.

More information can be found on LTNZ: Vehicle recovery 

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